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Host Families

Participants often prefer to stay with one of our approved host families because it has the benefits of home cooking and a comfortable environment with plenty of opportunities to speak English.  Accommodation includes breakfast and evening meal on weekdays with full board at weekends, plus transport to and from our Executive Training Centre each day.  Please note that accommodation is not included in the course price.

Host families: 52 per night.

Hotels and Guest Houses

If preferred, we can arrange hotel accommodation. We are able to recommend a number of hotels in York which can accommodate for most budgets.

Cost of transport between your hotel and SLS is not included but can be arranged on request.

Guest houses and hotels: 75 - 150 per night


The comfort and enjoyment of participants during their time at SLS is important to us. We will be happy to offer any help we can with individual requirements. please contact us if you need our assistance.

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