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One-to-one courses

SLS Premier one-to-one programmes are an excellent way to improve your English language skills. 

Tailored to suit your specific needs, there are four SLS premier courses to choose from, depending on how intensively you want to learn. These highly effective courses focus on developing your English for your specific work situation and for that reason we highly encourage you to bring samples of your work to SLS. This can be presentations, emails, meeting minutes, reports or anything else you need in order to do your job well in English.

You can start on any Monday of the year and stay for as long as you are able. If you have a colleague with similar language requirements, you can share a Premier course.  We can also deliver our programmes in-company if that is more convenient for you.

Our course options:


"Your course will be 100% personalised and tailored to fit your individual needs"

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