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Many businesses choose SLS's one-to-one courses, which are completely tailored to individual needs, or our group courses which also offer exceptional results.

SLS Premier courses are an excellent way to learn, with intensive, one-to-one training totally focused on your individual business objectives. These courses achieve excellent results with our participants frequently giving the maximum overall score on their course evaluations. The focus is entirely on your specific language needs, with the opportunity to practise English in situations you typically have to deal with. Thatís why we encourage participants to bring examples of work-related tasks such as a presentation, a project plan, or an agenda for a meeting with them.

Our group courses offer the opportunity of taking part in a Jobtalk programme at SLS or specialised group courses on your company's premises. The courses are based on realistic business situations and provide an ideal environment for participants to improve their English skills in for example group discussions, telephoning, and presenting in front of a group.

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